Actualidad Pujol

More than a Century visualize the spirit of a Family and a Staff involved in the daily job of servicing and creating unique solutions to customer which bring them the difference.


1911 - Foundation of a desire

JOAN PUJOL - Ltda. was founded in 1.911 by Joan Pujol Batet and for last 100 years has been designing, building and innovating all types of ovens, furnaces and kilns for the Cermics, chemicals, Metallurgical, Glass and environmental Industries.


1911 - Joan Pujol

1911 - Foundation of a desire

Hornos Pujol antiguos


At those early years a New but basic Chemical and Metalurgical industry was growing in Barcelona.

Everything had to be done.

1911 - Foundation of a desire

NIC Rumania Plant

NIC Rumania Plant

At those early years different developments are implemented in the Chemical industry which are still valid - Blue Oxidation Basic Process with NUBIOLA Firm

Nubiola - NIC Rumania Plant with same Concept Oxidation kilns today as were in 1.920

1.940 - After War Period

Salvador i Joan Pujol

Salvador Pujol - Joan Pujol

At those tough years the second Generation (Salavador Pujol Roig & Joan Pujol Roig) took the management of the company and push hard the business in a critical condition of the country after the Civil War… No conditions to innovate, just to survive and look forward.

1.950's Devoloping Aplications into Ceramic World

Ceramic World

Industry in Castellon

Applications on Refractory bricks and first conitnuous Pushing kilns for tile Industry in Castellon. Future world bigger cluster for Ceramic tile production up to end 90´s

1.960´s Growing in to other Sectors – Metallurgical White Lines

Metallurgical White Lines

Tehcnology of Metal

As Spanish society is imporving quality live, and the country opening borders to rest of Europe. Bigger requests of new home machinery is requested.

In such line, the HOME depot needs as freezer, washing machines, etc. Are more demand and the Tehcnology of Metal enamel is re-inforced by PUJOL Technologies.

1.960´s Expanding market

Expanding market

Expanding market

That period brings new bussiness oportunities as the political situation starts to open to the rest of the worls, and the growing of the company starts to freflect in the number of contacts.

1.970´s 3rd Generation takes the Board

3rd Generation

Joaquin Pujol

With the New times arrives to the board of the company Joaquin Pujol Martin . Who empower the New Technologies and promotes a strong position of the company in the National market as constructor Furnace leader.

1.970´s Energetic Crisis makes go to Energy efficient Systems

Energy efficient Systems

Energy efficient Systems

That Period is marked for the tough adaption of Gas Energy into the industry instead of old Heavy Fuels energy sources.

Bigger Productions rates at lower costs.

1.980´s Revolution in materials brings a revolution in the Furnaces Engineering Concepts

3rd Generation

Revolution in the Furnaces Engineering

New Concept on Flexibility in Productions and the adoptation of New Isolation materials brings a revolution into the kilns and furnaces concepts constructions.

1.980´s Revolution in materials brings a revolution in the Furnaces Engineering Concepts

Revolution in materials

Revolution in materials

As result of New materials, New working conditions are stablished in the Industry.

1.990´s New Software developments makes State of the Art control the New Deal


New Software

The appearance of new, easy controls and affordable and cheap electronic hardware and software makes a huge developnment in all kind of controls of the process bringing more efficent production process and better quailities and know how of firings.

1.990´s Going in to the Flat Glass Market

 Flat Glass Market

Flat Glass Market

At the earlies 90´s with 4th generation starting to be involve in the Company, an fundamental change is done going into the flat glass market creating specific lines of New and developed Products, instead of beeing a pure Project Engineering company.

An strong policy of Patents and developing products to create demand for the New solutions in the glass processing market has been stablished.

2.000´s 4th Generation on the Board of the Company – The BIG JUMP

unique global service

Unique Global Service

With the new century the 4th Generation takes the management of the company.

The aim is to become a global leader in the Glass sector offering unique global service for the newcoming tehcnologies

Going Forward a century leading world glass lamination market



The target to achieve a full Service to the Customers confidence and the strategic aim to give a full solution in the whole process, brings the company to develop his own chemical products and consumables. Creating today´s leader brand in the lamination concept: EVALAM LINE.

Going Forward a century leading world glass lamination market

Lamination Field

Lamination Field

Continuous Patents in the Lamination field brings PUJOL to develop the 1st System in the world who can laminates PVB film without Climatic control, a Goal that reduces the Lamination costs up to 500% compared with the traditional systems in the market with heavy and large Autoclave systems.