The new age of laminated glass (The first part)

The laminated glass' market is undergoing a change that will hold in the market thanks to recent progresses made by Hornos Pujol, breaking the existing barriers to date with the new product Evalam Visual. What makes this EVA developed by Pujol in a substitute of the laminated glass with PVB. This point is corroborated by the number of forums that defend this data and the number of architects begins to prescribe their priority works with EVA.
While it is accepted that EVA was an expensive material but higher quality in terms of moisture resistance, better fluidity for decorative interlayer insertions and bigger adhesion which offers less delamination problems the fact remains to start a revolution in the market of the laminate, Pujol had to develop two points that should converge in time for achieving the present success. 
On one hand, a material which provides technical advantages over PVB in terms of transparency, acoustic, delamination, durability and resistance at equal cost as PVB (Evalam Visual) and on the other hand, a new process with highest production capacity than the one obtained in an Autoclave, with a three times lower investment and lower production and maintenance cost in order to obtain a lower cost per unit output of laminated glass (Automatic EVA plant "Fast Curing)
Evalam Visual is manufactured in Europe and is the only one that has so far been able to obtain values of transparency better than those achieved by the PVB with 0.38mm of thickness
Its adhesion is three times higher than PVB, which, together with its resistance to moisture with open edge and its high crosslink, makes it thermally and mechanically steady over time, obtaining an ideal product for laminated tempered glasses with high added value. Its durability over time is enhanced by increasing the lifecycle of the material that are behind laminated glass by getting parameters 100% UV filtering to 380nm wave. Evalam Visual is, besides, a material considered by itself acoustic, obtaining much higher values than those achieve by the standard PVB.
These values, combined with its high resistance are the major cause Evalam Visual is positioned as a major technical material that those obtained by the PVB.
The new Plant consist of the automatic production line and the convection oven of high speed to laminate with EVA, “Fast Curing” has been developed by PUJOL for automate the manufacture of laminated glass with EVA reducing manufacturing cost and increasing the quality of the laminated glass to squaring these automatically and without effort by the operator, so that is able to maintain high productions rates.
In the next post we will introduce in the competitve advantages of new plant "Fast Curing" versus traditional autoclave system...