Smart glass has become popular as a natural way to provide privacy and elegance to private rooms, commercial businesses or the hotel sector, but that's not all.  Find out how to make the most of them.
I-On Smart glass, what it is and why you should try it?
I-On was born in PUJOL company's plant in Barcelona, where they are working and developing on future applications of laminated glass. Those are products in the line of the internet of things, a network of everyday objects interconnected in daily life.
I-on that is also known as smart glass, intelligent glass or even privacy glass; is an electronic glass, made by PDLC, a liquid Crystal technology used mainly for adaptive partitioning in locations that require privacy, however it is not its unique use because I-ON is a perfect platform for media applications.
How to get the most out of installing I-On.
One of the key points is to identify the right place, understanding that one of its main advantages is the change from transparent to opaque with a single click, best spaces are places like:
- Separators between rooms, such as between the kitchen and dining room or between offices.
- Spaces that need occasional privacy such as a changing room in a shop, hotel bathroom or home area
- In areas that can be used as front or rear projection screens, as a shop window, hotel or business reception desk
- As a multimedia wall or information point
- Windows, single or double-glazed facades
- Panoramic windows in train, buses or cruisers
- In clinics and hospitals where more privacy is required without sacrificing light
- In creative projects providing a plus in its presentation and design, as it will allow you to show or hide the product, and even use the wall as a projection wall, with an advertisement, offer, or fashion showcase.
Installing I-On
Installation is so easy and can be done very similar to when installing regular glass, I-ON glass can also be incorporated into double glazing or curved, silk screened, or sandblasted, and used as media application with either a front or rear projection screen with high resolution for superb image reproduction.
I-On switchable film can be used interiorly and exteriorly, even wet areas such as bathrooms or saunas, while it is a laminated glass. And this is one of the critical points, we strongly recommend that it should be laminated and not glued because with a good lamination will avoid dangerous accidents because of its strong anti-break-in and anti-shock abilities. I-ON uses EVALAM for its lamination, an EVA film recognized for its high adhesion values and crosslinking material.
Today I-On by Pujol and its lamination technological package makes them world leaders. The process technology with the Furnaces, the EVALAM products, I-ON a new laminated product division specializing only in electronics together with the formidable technical and human team of the company give a strength and business advantage that leads Pujol to the leadership of the sector.
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