New Pujol 100 Continuous Oven

Taking advantage of the unique setting of Vitrum Trade Fair Exhibition, the Spanish company Hornos Industriales Pujol, S.A, has the pleasure and pride of presenting the Pujol 100 Continuous Oven for high production, which stands out for the following characteristics:

  • 19 minutes production rate and better temperature uniformity

Thanks to the continuous production line, it is possible to achieve production rates of nineteen minutes with 4 + 4 glasses, allowing double the production capacity with homogeneous curing cycles, which provide improved temperature uniformity of +/- 3.5 ° C and that provide at the same time the Crosslink guarantee to products laminated with EVA, even laminating pieces of different shapes and sizes in parallel and using the most of the entire surface of the oven.

  • Greater flexibility

Unlike other continuous ovens on the market, Pujol 100 Continuous Oven provides a plus of flexibility thanks to its independent chambers design, which allows working in independent chambers or in fast curing according to the demands and production needs of each moment. This allows to manufacture in continuous or by independent batch, therefore allows special works & high production.

  • Automatic Movements

Pujol 100 Continuous Oven consists of three chambers equipped with automatic movements. In this way the opening and closing of the lid of the vacuum bag, as well as its connection and the translation of the trays between chambers is carried out without any need of human intervention.

  • Less space

Unlike other longitudinal systems in the market, the new development of Pujol has been projected with the idea of being able to reduce the space used. In addition, its open design, allows easy access to interior of the oven, so if the oven maintenance is necessary, it is done quickly and easily by the operator.

  • Leakage Control System

The new Pujol 100 Continuous Oven incorporates the new and unique system developed by Pujol: Leakage Control System. This system bases its technology on an automatic and variable adjustment of the vacuum pressure guaranteeing the different and demanding pressure states inside the bag.

The result obtained thanks to the Leakage Control System, is a clean glass without optical distortions and without excess of EVA on the edges, which usually dazzle the final finished product. This also implies a cost reduction of up to 25% in human, technical and time resources in the long and tedious process of cleaning the glass or in the preparation of the laminated glass since it does not require taping.

All together along with the reliability provided by Hornos Industriales Pujol, S.A. and with the expertise & know how accumulated in more than 60 PUJOL 100 ovens installed worldwide. If you need more information, please, download our catalogue