Chemical Tempering System

The PUJOL-Chemical Tempering System has been developed & designed to perform customer to work any kind of thickness and shape of almost any kind of glass.The Chemical Tempering is a surface treatment developed under the limit temperature where glass has its change to vitreous phase.

The glass is soaked in an special salt solution of KNO3 at a temperature over 380ºC where salts are fused, producing as a consequence of the different electrochemical potential gradient of each element, an ionic exchange between de Sodium (Na) ions of the glass surface and the Potassium (K) ions suspended in the Salt composition.

The insertion of Potassium ions with bigger dimension than the Sodium ions over the glass surface brings as consequence, a high compression tension over the glass surface combined and balance with another internal tension on the glass thickness of traction tension. Which promotes as a result a temperd glass with a mechanical resistance 20 times bigger than a normal annealed float glass.