Laboratory & development

Laboratory & development

The quality of all our products is one of our priorities.

We use the newest technology on the market to control production processes. Our clients have their own laboratory where we study and analyze our products to guarantee their quality.

Technical service and maintenance of the machines.

We work together with our clients to help them with special projects that require greater effort and dedication. All our products comply with the main Quality Standards:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • UL


Energetic coal: with the HCD Duplo system, hydrocarbons from the pyrolysis process and the reject raw material are reused; be it chips, sawdust or any other. This system allows us to be energy efficient because hydrocarbon gases are reused as the primary source of energy. TThe production is very profitable due to the low cost per unit, with the increased productivity that this technology allows. The HCD Duplo allows 40 times more occupation of the machine with raw material to be treated, thus increasing production by 65%. It is a fully automatic system that allows the repeatability and traceability of the processes. In addition, it is a modular system so that if production is increased due to increased demand or for any other reason, it can be made larger very easily.