The new age of laminated glass (The first part)

The laminated glass' market is undergoing a change that will hold in the market thanks to recent progresses made by Hornos Pujol, breaking the existing barriers to date with the new product Evalam Visual. What makes this EVA developed by Pujol in a substitute of the laminated glass with PVB. This point is corroborated by the number of forums that defend this data and the number of architects begins to prescribe their priority works with EVA.

Evalam Visual, new way to see laminated glass

The first EVA with better properties than PVB such as better optics, better resistance to moisture, adhesion three times higher, excellent soundproofing, crosslink of 87 per cent and high UV filtering.
At present glass has become one major actor in modern architecture. We can find it in walling, in structures or as a decorative mode, surpassing any other material.
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