Evasa, PUJOL's EVA Division, takes the prize for the best business success of technology transfer in SME category

The award was given to Evalam by the Royal Galician Academy of Sciences (RAGC). Evalam is an interlayer of EVA (ethylvinylacetate), used in architectural glass that allows a significant energy saving for this industry; Thus improving those used up to the time that supposed a high consumption.
The prize - valued at 12,000 euros - was collected by the CEO of Evasa, Mr. José María González, for its encapsulants under the Evalam brand for the manufacture of laminated glass.

STRONGLASAS leading market

After being focused mainly in the field of tempered glass, Stronglasas knows the real added value that tempered laminated glass bring. For that purpose Stronglasas has chosen the leading technology of Hornos Pujol, in particular the Pujol 100 PVB + line, designed to find the right answer at any moment , it can produce PVB or EVA according architectural’s and client’s requirements. 

SAVAS visits EVALAM facilities

The leader of the glass distribution in Italy, the company SAVAS, carry out a visit to EVALAM in northern Spain, where they toured the factory and were pleasantly pleased with the high and modern manufacturing technology.
The visiting delegation was headed by SAVA CEO Ms. Daniela Dori, Commercial Director Mr. Leo Mantelli Group, the Director Dr. Cesare Bircolotti financial and Responsible EVALAM Italy Mr. Marco Palazzolo. 


Découvrez les sept raisons pour lesquelles l’Evalam VISUAL est l'option préférée des professionnels du verre feuilleté:
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