Backlit horizontal assembly table with holder and electric cutter


Glass + EVA assembly set includes:

  • Evalam 1P or 3P holder / support roll(s) with electric disc cutter.
    Backlit assembly table with bearings.
  • Equipped with electrical sockets for auxiliary equipment.
  • Available in two sizes.

Electric roll holder with guided cutter


Electric 1P or 3P EVA holder / support roll(s) with electric disc cutter.

Climate box

  • This climate box was designed by Hornos Pujol for the conditioned storage of special PVB films for laminating ovens using vacuum technology.
  • With this design, rolls of PVB film can be loaded effortlessly through the hinged doors at the rear.
  • It includes machinery with a disc cutter for easy cutting of the PVB film.
  • Equipped with humidity and temperature control systems that guarantee optimal storage conditions.

Electric cutter


Electric EVA cutter to make cutting easy for lamination workers.


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