Hornos Industriales Pujol


Founded in 1911, Hornos Industriales Pujol is a fourth generation company that is part of the Pujol Group. Located in Barcelona, with an international scope. 

Our Mission

To constantly develop heat treatment technologies whatever their application; to create technological leadership.


Our Vision

Constant innovation, improvement, and optimisation.


Our Values

Passion, responsibility, commitment and the capacity to adapt to a changing world and transformation are our main hallmarks.

Our Commitments

To our customers

Meeting their real needs is a priority. Our role is that of an accessible, proactive, and reliable partner; we are known for working closely with our customers, fully aligning ourselves with their strategy in order to offer them sustained support in the long term.

To our vendors

Our policy is to establish a direct, personal and stable relationship over time with all of our vendors. This relationship is based on the principle of ongoing collaboration between companies, transparency, veracity, and reliability of the information provided.

To our staff

We believe that it is of paramount importance to ensure that the people who work for Hornos Pujol are motivated. We implement the necessary policies to retain talent and strengthen relationships between our workers.

To the environment

We control the environmental impact of our activity by identifying, classifying and treating the different types of waste we generate.

Read our commitment to the environment.

Pujol Group

Passion, responsibility, commitment and the capacity to adapt to a changing world

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