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Our team works hard to ensure the best possible experience for the customer. Our values are clear: we will always be by your side.
At Hornos Industriales Pujol we offer comprehensive, expert Technical Services. We strive to accompany our customers every step of the way We have a processes and systems technical department consisting of 12 specialised engineers at the customer's disposal in the preparation of master plans and product curves. We offer fast and reliable assistance, which is supported by Pujol e-Connect technology.

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At Hornos Pujol we are aware of the importance of educating our team. Knowledge is at the heart of our growth and that’s why we also provide training for our clients. Ever-aware of how sometimes it isn’t always possible to do the courses in person, so we have the necessary resources to offer them online.

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We install the machinery and make sure that everything works correctly. This can be done in person wherever the machine is to be installed, or online using support material and accompanied by our experts throughout the process.

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Hornos Pujol's logistics department will prepare a custom plan for the organisation of container and truck loading in order to optimise transport space and the logistics costs for our customers. In addition, each oven is shipped with a packing list and the layout indicating the location of the materials in the container or truck to facilitate unloading of the packages.

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In recent years Hornos Pujol has developed cutting-edge technological solutions for the laminated glass sector. Pujol's engineering team has created sophisticated laminating ovens that are packed with features, such as the Pujol 100 CO, Pujol 100 PVB +, our Chemical Tempering Oven, or our HCD Duplo, a kiln that sustainably produces charcoal.

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Pujol 100 PVB+

Total precision, maximum reliability and remarkable savings.

Pujol Group

Passion, responsibility, commitment and the capacity to adapt to a changing world

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