The New Pujol TQ-System

Pujol has developed a new oven that can carry out high-quality chemical tempering of glass. This oven is designed to work with any type of glass, thickness or shape.

This new oven offers:

  • A perfect optical end result, without any deformation of edges or wave effects typical of heat-tempered glass or anisotropy.

  • Tempering at any glass thickness, even at a thickness of 0.4 millimetres.

  • Lamination of exceptional curved glass for architectural, automotive, aviation, marine, or electronic applications.

  • Perfect planimetry with maximum resistance at a lower cost of the final composite thanks to a reduction in the thickness of the glass and the EVA/PVB interlayer.

  • Tempering any shape of glass. This even in glass having non-continuous radii and difficult shapes.

  • A mechanical resistance that is 20 times higher than normal glass, 5 to 10 times stronger than float glass and 2 to 4 greater than thermal tempering depending on the thickness of the glass.

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