The Pujol 100 oven has earned its place as the most reliable laminating oven on the market among expert glaziers

To celebrate the centennial anniversary of Hornos Industriales Pujol, the company has launched its most technologically advanced oven on the market. In addition to its large production capacity, this oven is also able to laminate large quantities of glass using PVB, EVA, and ionoplast interlayers (SGP), without the need for an autoclave or other accessories.


Between 2012 and 2020, Pujol has installed more than fifty Pujol 100s in many of the leading glass companies around the world. It has seen an exponential increase in sales since this new system was launched, which only demonstrates the trust placed in the Pujol Group by large glass companies.


Investing in a Pujol 100 means maximum precision, maximum reliability, and great savings in glass lamination. This oven is able to produce large quantities of laminated glass without the need for humidity or temperature controls, either in storage or treatment.


Nor does the purchase of a Pujol 100 require investing in dangerous calendering processes. Without them, energy efficiency costs are reduced by up to 70% compared to autoclave systems; this also helps to ensure energy costs remain the same, regardless of the production level. This oven includes the Pujol e-Connect system that remotely and safely completes traceability, control, and verification of production quality tasks.


In interviews, a number of important glass companies have spoken about the advantages of this oven. They always cite their satisfaction with the oven’s features and versatility, which over time has earned this machine an excellent reputation in the laminated glass sector.



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