Safti First, #1 USA-made fire rated glass manufacturer chooses the reliability of Pujol 100 PVB+ & Lam-Pro.

SAFTI FIRST is the leading vertically integrated, single-source, fire rated glass and framing manufacturer in the USA.  With over 40 years of manufacturing experience, SAFTI FIRST provides to their customers with high quality fire rated doors, openings, storefronts, curtain walls and floors up to 2 hours.  Listed and labeled by Underwriters Laboratories and Intertek, SAFTI FIRST products are tested and certified to meet the most stringent fire and safety test standards with the largest clear views in the industry.  This offers designers unlimited design flexibility with maximum protection.


It is clear that this perfection of the finished product and its leadership position within the market segment can only be achieved with work, accompanied by great professionalism and obviously investing on the best innovative solutions and with greater reliability and flexibility that today exist on the market, like Pujol 100 PVB+ and Lam-Pro are.


With the investment in Pujol 100 PVB+ and it's complete assembly line, SAFTI FIRST  will enjoy of the versatility offered by the system and will be able to laminate glass with EVA, PVB or ionoplasts (SGP), all with great investment cost savings in calendering and autoclave systems. Besides, Pujol 100 PVB+ is the only system in the world that has three lamination phases in independent chambers, which gives the professional great flexibility. Pujol 100 PVB+ has been designed to extract moisture from the interlayer without the need to use traditional autoclave systems, thus energy efficiency costs are drastically reduced. Pujol 100 PVB+ is considered an ideal solution for glass transformers with productions of between 5,000 and 15,000 m2 per month. More than 50 installations around the world certify its excellent reputation in the market.


SAFTI FIRST has also incorporated a PUJOL oven from the LAM-PRO series in its facilities. LAM-PRO has been developed for companies seeking to achieve high performance at a low investment in mind, without compromising with it the excellent quality of the end product. The LAM-PRO series incorporates unique and innovative features that make it a highly reliable solution.


With this new double oven installation, PUJOL has strengthened its position as leader in U.S.A and international market.

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