Pujol reinforces its position in the Indian market with a new Pujol 100 PVB+ installed in Vitra India Glass PVT. Ltd

VITRA INDIA GLASS PVT. LTD is a high-quality glass processor that has been operating for more than 30 years in the city of Patna in the northeast of India. It is a pioneer and industry leader in the field of glass supply, design and solutions in India and a one stop shop for all glass needs. It has a wide glass processing facilities that uses the machines equiped with latest technology

Since its inception VITRA INDIA GLASS PVT. LTD invests continuously improve the performance of glass by engaging in large-scale R&D; to discover new technologies and materials that lead to next generation products.

With this acquisition, VITRA INDIA GLASS PVT. LTD you will get the highest precision, highest reliability and great savings in glass lamination. PUJOL 100PVB+ allows the lamination of PVB, EVA and ionoplasts (SGP) without the need to carry out humidity or temperature controls, neither for storage nor for treatment. Besides PUJOL 100 PVB+ does not require investing in expensive and dangerous calendering processes, which allows energy efficiency costs to be reduced by up to 70% compared to traditional autoclave systems and maintains fixed energy costs regardless of production. The 40x28 oven purchased incorporates the Pujol e-Connect system as standard, which allows remote and secure traceability, as well as control and verification of production quality.

Thanks to this investment, VITRA INDIA GLASS PVT. LTD relies on PUJOL, as the manufacturer with the most efficient, most reliable and most technologically advanced solutions on the market for laminated glass. On the other hand, PUJOL also manages to further strengthen its position in the Asian market and in particular in the Indian market.


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